About the three qualities of women

From the very birth the girl possesses these qualities, she should not strive to acquire them, they are given to her by Nature – loving solicitude, striving for beauty and peacefulness.

That is, she is given the ability and desire and energy in order to with love take care of others. The ability and desire to take care of others, to give them everything they need for their development, this is what we call the ability to love. After all, love is the ability to take care of others. This is probably why the great artists of the Renaissance depicted the Madonna and Child in order to depict what love looks like. Taking care of a mother for her baby is an example of love. If those who believe in the existence of God want to see the most veracious, closest to reality image of God, then the Madonna and Child, this is such an image. And for a baby, Madonna, his mother, this is God. And God is love, that is, taking care of everything that a baby needs.

Madonna and Child (Madonna Litta) by Leonardo da Vinci (from Wikipedia)

The second quality of a woman is the striving and desire for beauty – I called this love of beauty. Love of beauty is the desire for beauty, to be near everything that is beautiful, to be beautiful, to make everything beautiful around you. This striving for beauty, love of beauty, this is also one of the fundamental qualities of a baby girl, young girl, woman. Therefore, women are very fond of flowers, which are simply divinely beautiful, everything is beautiful in them – both color, shape and aroma, everything. Lotus flowers are very beautiful and they grow out of the mud and they are perfect. You can also say that a woman or a girl is perfect, they do not need to strive for perfection, they are already perfect from birth. In the film “The Fifth Element” by Luc Besson there is a moment when an alien girl Leelu was recreated and those who were nearby exclaimed “Perfect!” Men should always remember and understand this and not try to “perfect” a woman, she is already perfect.

Another fundamental quality of a woman is her striving and desire for peace, that is, peacefulness. A woman has the ability and energy to bring peace, tranquility, relaxation into a situation. Women don’t like tension and stress. At home, a woman creates an atmosphere of peace, comfort, beauty, love, care, happiness. When she is happy, the whole family is happy. There is a lot of stress, tension, struggle in society, and for a woman, society is a “hostile” environment, so women have always been “keepers of the hearth”. But now this has changed a lot in the so-called economically developed countries, because women have gone into society.

Why do you think the Nature gave the women such qualities?
Have you noticed these qualities in women?
Do you think these qualities are given to women from birth or do they acquire them during their life?

Does a woman need to have masculine qualities? If so, why do you think so?

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