Lessons of health and happy relationships

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Many people do not know that one can take care of one’s health and be healthy the entire life, spending very little effort and attention for that. It is not enough just to check up periodically with a doctor, one need to take care of one’s health and take on most of the responsibility for it. In this lessons you will learn how to take care of your health.

Men and women do not realize that in order to have a happy relationship in couples, one need to learn certain things. These lessons will introduce you to important ideas that will help you to avoid many of the mistakes in a relationship.

Some materials and ideas for these two courses are taken from books and seminars by the following authors: Mirzakarim Norbekov, Mantak Chia, Satya Das, as well as from the Indian TV series Buddha and Mahabharata, Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element and Wikipedia.

The advantage of this course is that it provides directions for solving two problems that are not resolved in other courses on relationships – what to do with the accumulated negative emotions and what the best to do with overflowing like an avalanche sexual energy?

At the end of each lesson there are questions that you need to answer. These questions are more needed for you to think more deeply about each lesson and describe your understanding of the presented ideas. There will be no evaluation of the answers. Send me, please, your answers and comments on questions to reaboifilip@gmail.com. After receiving your answers, you will be allowed to study the next lesson.

You can send any question on the topic of family relations to this e-mail address and I will answer you in the best way. This is included in the cost of this course.

Psychological consultations can be done by a separate agreement.



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